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This is a website for KLQ World Finalists across the years to come together. Log experiences and inside jokes, chat with some of your fellow finalists, or share some KLQ information or questions you wrote – and much more!

Go ahead and explore. Have fun! Remember to adhere to the policy, which you can find here. Any violators may be killed – or worse, expelled.

Don’t worry, we’re not actually going to kill you. We were just referring to our favourite fictional bookworm. But the ‘or worse’ part still applies…

  1. Hi, this is like two years late, but are the quizzes still happening, or is there a group chat or…

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communist goals 🔥

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KLQ is a diverse global community: as of 2020, participants come from eleven different countries! Can you guess the flags?

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Our advice? Read as widely as possible. Cover mythology, classics, comics… you name it. Anything really. Read things you love and things you hate. You should definitely head over to the Kids’ Lit Quiz website. There is an excellent question bank here.

Oh, and you can always check out the questions written by former KLQ world finalists here.

Here’s a recording of the two-hour long 2019 World Final, which is basically a bunch of sweaty, exhilarated ten to thirteen year olds crouched over buzzers. And some mind-bending questions.